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5 Potential Miami Heat Trades That Could Make LeBron James Stay

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5 Potential Miami Heat Trades That Could Make LeBron James Stay

LeBron James
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When the Miami Heat signed LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in 2010, all contracts came with the ability to opt out after four years. All three players signed for less than the maximum to be able to play on the same team, but will they do it again this upcoming offseason?

It has worked out for LeBron and the Heat. They have been to the NBA Finals in all three years of the Big 3 and have won the last two championships. LeBron went from being one of the biggest underachievers in sports to being a four-time NBA MVP and two-time NBA Finals MVP. If Miami wins the championship this year, it is unlikely the team will split up. However, if they lose, there is a chance they could lose one of their three superstars.

Dwyane Wade is unlikely to go anywhere because he wants to finish his career with the Heat. With the decline in his statistics and his growing list of injuries, his value has dropped each year. He is not going to get a max deal anywhere, but he might opt out just to sign a longer deal for less money to ensure he remains with Miami.

Chris Bosh has been playing the best basketball of his Heat career over the last three weeks. Earlier in the season, he was being looked at as a role player; but with the way he has played lately, a lot of teams could look at him as a great player. While the Heat may want to retain his services, he may get more money to go play with another team and could see it as an opportunity to prove that he is more than Wade and James' sidekick.

The most important player from the group is LeBron. He is the best player in the world, and having him on your roster always gives you a chance to win the title. If they struggle in the postseason and Wade misses time, he may start looking around at other opportunities. The entire roster is eligible to be free agents at the end of the year except for Norris Cole, so there will be a lot of turnover. Some of that turnover could begin before the trade deadline and some could happen in the offseason. These five trades will increase the chances of James staying in Miami.

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5. Taj Gibson

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The Chicago Bulls are looking to deal Taj Gibson to create as much cap space as possible for next year. If the Heat offered the expiring contracts of James Jones and Toney Douglas, as well as a possible buyout in Udonis Haslem, the Bulls may pull the trigger.

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4. Spencer Hawes

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Spencer Hawes would give the Miami Heat the perfect compliment to Chris Bosh in the frontcourt. Bosh could switch back to the power forward position, and LeBron would never have to play it again. It would take Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Toney Douglas and probably some draft picks to get the deal done.

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3. Kenneth Faried

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Kenneth Faried is a hustle player who gets a lot of rebounds and plays with a lot of energy. Miami sometimes lacks energy during games, which forces them into close matchups with lesser teams. Faried has lost a lot of minutes this year, but Denver would likely need a big asset to move him. If they could trade Haslem, Jones and Douglas to a team trying to clear cap space like the Lakers, the Lakers could send Pau Gasol to Denver and complete the three-team trade.

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2. Evan Turner

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The Miami Heat will need to start acquiring young talent instead of banking on veterans signing to minimum deals. Evan Turner is one of the best young scorers in the NBA, but doesn't seem to be in Philadelphia's long-term plans. Miami will need to trade expiring contracts and draft picks to get him, but Philadelphia seems okay with just letting him walk.

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1. Arron Afflalo

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Arron Afflalo is the perfect piece for the Miami Heat. He is one of the better perimeter defenders in the league and can make open 3-pointers. He has been a sixth man before and can play both shooting guard and small forward. Afflalo could come off the bench and also be part of the lineup that closes out the game. In Orlando, he is blocking players like Maurice Harkless, Andrew Nicholson and Tobias Harris from developing, so the Magic could send him out for expiring deals. Miami would probably need to trade Michael Beasley, Udonis Haslem and a few draft picks to get him.