Miami Heat Rumors: LeBron James Interested in Los Angeles Clippers?

By Shane Phillips
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NBA Free Agency continues to dominant the headlines as we quickly approach the All-Star Break and trade deadline. That being said, there is one player who is at the top of every team’s wish list, one player who will control the attention of every basketball fan this summer. That one player is none other than LeBron James.

Much like in 2010, Miami Heat‘s MVP small forward will be wined and dined by plenty of potential suitors. I read an article on ESPN that talked about the possibility of James joining the Los Angeles Clippers this summer. The article discussed the unpredictability of free agency as well as the improbability of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all playing on the same team. Well, the rest is history, but the underlying theme of the article was that we should never rule out any possibility.

The deal would have to be a sign-and-trade because the Clippers do not have the cap space to sign James as a free agent, but they do have some enticing pieces for a trade. James has expressed interest in playing with Chris Paul, as the two have won consecutive Olympic Gold Medals together, and Los Angeles is a great market in terms of business, media and prestige.

You know, the idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds, but there are a lot of moving parts as the ESPN article reported. Frankly, the whole idea of James playing for the Clippers could happen, however, too many aspects must go just right in order for the numbers to work. There is a much better chance of James playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Still, I wouldn’t be so quick to jump off the “James is on the move” bandwagon. The biggest factor is the championship and if the Heat three-peat. That would solidify James in South Beach. Championship or not, I think it will be hard to lure James out of paradise. When the “King” left the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was because they had not delivered him a championship and he didn’t think they could. Miami has delivered two championships and looks primed to add a couple more.

Then again, as the ESPN article warned, we never know what might happen. We can’t predict what is going through James’ mind or what might happen between now and July. I will say this, I highly doubt that James will play for the Clippers. Pat Riley won’t be dumb enough to give up James for Blake Griffin. I believe that if Riley does lose James, he will strongly go after Carmelo Anthony, but that’s a different story. As far as James playing alongside Paul, that will only be an Olympic occurrence.

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