Milwaukee Bucks Should Target Kyle Lowry In FA

By David Grant
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The Milwaukee Bucks are expected to add a high lottery pick this offseason to their already in-process rebuilding project. Despite all of the young talent, there will be holes to fill. Currently, the shooting guard spot is a gigantic black hole screaming for production, or at least consistency. Kyle Lowry could fill this gap for the Bucks.

The frontcourt is currently projecting a future of Larry Sanders, John Henson and Giannis Antetokounmpo at the center and forward positions. In addition to the trio, most of the expected lottery picks are frontcourt players. Recently, Brandon Knight has come on at the point guard position and is starting to turn into the player Detroit Pistons thought they drafted. Knight may be more of a combo guard, but he has a future as a backcourt player in the NBA.

What he doesn’t have is a running mate — enter Lowry.

Lowry is a natural shooting guard who is able to create space and get his shot off in a moment. This season, he has carried the Toronto Raptors and at 27 years of age (will be 28 on March 25), he is still in his prime. There are two lingering questions about him: first, what would it cost to get Lowry? This is tricky because the Bucks have gotten into trouble overpaying above-average role players in the past.

This brings us to the second question, which is more of an issue about O.J. Mayo. Mayo, a shooting guard, is currently on the books for the next two seasons for approximately $8 million a year. If the Bucks are unable to dump his contract, they may not be able to bring on another shooting guard and take care of their future prospects as well.

Bottom Line: If the Bucks can deal Mayo (package with one of their prospects on draft day?), then they need to at least kick the tires with Lowry. A consistent shooting guard to go with their up-and-coming talent would compliment each other well and potentially speed up the rebuilding process.

David is a NBA writer for Rant Sports. Follow David S. Grant on Twitter @david_s_grant

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