Milwaukee Bucks Must Remember NBA Draft Mistake Shawn Respert

By David Grant
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The 2014 NBA Draft is right around the corner, and the Milwaukee Bucks are in the market for a shooting guard. Surely they are watching the tourney and noting guys lighting it up from the two spot, but beware of the player whose game may not translate to the NBA. This lesson was learned by Milwaukee in 1995 when they drafted Shawn Respert.

The Bucks were looking for a complement to their shiny new star No. 1 pick, Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson. They selected Gary Trent and traded him to the Portland Trail Blazers for Respert instead of drafting Michael Finley (eventually selected at No. 21). In college Respert could light it up from anywhere; he had no range limitation and always took the clutch shot with many celebrations to follow.

In Milwaukee, Respert was listed at 6-foot-3, but he may have been closer to 6-foot, which is short for a NBA shooting guard. Respert never delivered and was unable to get his shot off in the NBA, taking away his range and damaging his confidence with each missed shot. (Note: Respert was diagnosed with stomach cancer at the end of his rookie year which may have played a role; however, after treated no increase in production was seen.)

Dante Exum is a guard prospect whose name is being thrown around after the big three (Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker), and you have to wonder if his play will translate in the NBA. Even more difficult than scouting college is examining overseas players. The Bucks got lucky with Giannis Antetokounmpo; is it possible they can do it again? If so, it will be after due diligence and let’s hope a proper height measurement. The franchise is at a fragile point and can’t afford to walk away with a Shawn Respert type production to show for their high lottery pick.

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