Ken Caldwell: Central Florida Runner Attacks NCAA in YouTube Rant

By Paul Seaver

Earlier this week, the NCAA handed down its penalty to the University of Central Florida, banning the school’s football and men’s basketball programs from postseason play in 2012-13.

With a move to the Big East kicking in for the university in 2013, the penalties come in the school’s final year as a member of Conference USA.

What caused the NCAA’s punishment? Well, the school’s involvement with both Ken Caldwell and Brandon Bender prompted an investigation in relation to six potential men’s basketball recruits, and five potential football prospects.

The penalties continue to leave uncertainty for the 2012-13 men’s basketball team, as seniors-to-be Marcus Jordan and Keith Clanton could very well pursue the option to transfer. Both would be eligible to play immediately if they so choose.

One of those runners associated with the Central Florida investigation, Ken Caldwell, took to YouTube, as he promised via Twitter earlier in the week, to share his thoughts on the NCAA and their decision.

In the YouTube rant, which is entitled “Ken Caldwell: The Truth Part 1,” Caldwell begins by saying that the NCAA “unfairly and unjustly” associated himself and others, saying his connections are “not allegations or crimes or violations.”

The best line in the video may just be Caldwell’s promotion comparison. He states that he was simply promoting Central Florida, similar to how rappers promote Bentley’s in their songs. Seems accurate.

As the video continues, Caldwell proclaims what seems to be one of his biggest, overall points in saying, “have a made a dollar in this game? Absolutely not.” “Have I spent my own money in this game? Hell yeah.”

Caldwell’s connection was directly related to the men’s basketball team and in his rant, he uses some of the past examples in which the NCAA investigated.

Here is the full YouTube clip of Ken Caldwell’s video:



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