John Calipari Calls Out Duke For Repeated Instances Of Flopping

By Riley Schmitt
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

There are a lot of people who do not enjoy John Calipari, but he won a lot of fans on Tuesday night. At halftime of the epic DukeKentucky battle, Calipari took a shot at the Blue Devils and their acting abilities.

Is this just another great quote by a coach or is this the greatest quote of all time?  Calipari has always been a guy who gets a lot of respect from me.  You may think he’s a dirty recruiter but the guy can fit players into his offense.  He puts players in the league and he wins everywhere he goes.  You may disagree with his tactics, but until you show me solid proof of him cheating, you are talking about a losing argument.

The best part about this is that he is not wrong.  Duke is always one of those teams that ends more time on the ground than they should.  However, it works out well for them so more power to them.  If they want to focus more on acting than basketball, no one should judge them.  It uglies the game up but if it wins titles, I would do it too.

The second half of this game is going to be exciting.  I expect the refs to pay closer attention to the action skills of Duke.  If they fail to do that, we might just get another great quote.

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