Mike Dixon Was Accused of Forcible Rape, Charges Dropped

By Dan Irwin
Michael Dixon
Mark D. Smith – US Presswire

Of all the possible explanations for the suspension of the Missouri Tigers‘ guard Michael Dixon, Jr., this one is by far the farthest from any of the guesses so far, and also the most unfortunate.

Steve Walentik of the Columbia Daily Tribune dropped the bombshell on Twitter Tuesday evening.

#Mizzou G Mike Dixon was accused of forcible rape on Aug. 20 but there was insufficient evidence to file criminal charges (con’t)” – @Steve_Walentik

Walentik went on to say that an article about the incident was forthcoming from the Tribune. Dixon was implicated by an offense report from the Columbia Police Department. According to the report, the case against Dixon was closed on Nov. 18 due to a lack of evidence.

Former Missouri guard and current Detroit Piston Kim English Tweeted following the Missouri loss to the Louisville Cardinals, that the MU student board was a “joke” and that Dixon should be playing.

That tweet was met with a response from a woman saying: “The student board is not a ‘joke.’ it wasn’t students it was adults. Dixon is a rapist and I know this because im the victim.”

“I dont care if you or anyone in the school doesnt believe me. Please do no ever say he did nothing wrong. because he did.” And in the next Tweet, “Yes, I said it. Michael Dixon sexually assaulted me. That’s why he is suspended. You call can call me names, but I know what he did.”

The student board referred to is the University of Missouri’s Student Conduct Committee, made up of Missouri students and faculty. University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton has the authority to overturn Dixon’s suspension now, and all eyes and ears will now rest on him for his next move.

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