Late No-Call Leads to Washington State Loss

By Kase Brammer
Washington State University
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It was never a pretty game. I wouldn’t even hesitate to call it ugly, but when the WSU Cougars needed a call late in the game the whistle didn’t blow. The Cougs were down by seven points with just over three minutes to play and battled back to tie the game. Brock Motum had possession of the ball, but was hammered by ASU G-F Carrick Felix, no whistle blew, Felix was credited with a steal and the momentum stopped right there.

I won’t go as far as to say that singular call, or no-call in this case, lost them the game because I think those are the dumbest statements made in sports today, but man, that referee just straight up missed the call. The Cougs did not play their best basketball in the second half and gave up offense rebounds on missed Sun Devils’ free throws like it was their job. Those are just the little things that need to be fixed to win basketball games in the Pac-12.

Head Coach Ken Bone was almost speechless when asked about the whistles directed at the Cougs in the second half. At one point, the Cougs were whistled four times before they even got to shoot the basketball. ASU G Jahii Carson scored a game-high 25 points and really put the game away down the stretch scoring the final five points for ASU in about a minute in a half.

The Sun Devils never shot the ball well, but out-shot the Cougs by 21. WSU needs to figure out a way to overcome their late-game woes, but it’s not going to get any easier on Saturday when they face number-eight Arizona. The good news? The game is at home and everybody knows “anything can happen in Pullman.”

Also, the Washington Huskies lost, so that should bring a smile to your face.

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