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5 Teams on the College Basketball Bubble for the 2013 NCAA Tournament

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A Look at 5 Bubble Teams in College Basketball

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Luckily for most people’s favorite team it is way to early in the 2012-13 college basketball season for their bubble to have burst. However, this is the perfect time for your favorite team to get those quality wins. In this week’s article, we will look at five different teams on the bubble.

As we speak, or better yet write, there are so many games going on right now that may have an impact on whether or not if a team makes the big dance or not this year. Yes, I said it was way to early for a team’s bubble to have busted, but that does not mean any given team can just lose five games in a row and think that their trip to the tournament is already booked.

The Pittsburgh Panthers are likely in the tournament right now, but they did themselves a huge favor by knocking off the No. 6 Syracuse Orange earlier today. It seems like every week a top 10 team goes down, and that is what makes college basketball so great.

However, things will really start to heat up towards the end of February when teams are really battling for a spot in the dance.

Although neither team is a bubble team, it is important to note that the No. 3 Indiana Hoosiers and No. 1 Michigan Wolverines will go head-to-head later on today. If you are on the bubble take notes from these two teams because they are kind of good.

With that said, read on to find out five teams that are currently on the bubble.

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Villanova Wildcats (13-8, 4-4 Big East)

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The Villanova Wildcats have a handful of losses already this season, but they did beat Louisville and Syracuse in back-to-back games. No big deal, considering that both of these teams were ranked in the top five at the time.

Well, those were by far the Wildcats’ biggest wins of the season, but they seem to be struggling with the easier opponents in Big East play, if that is even possibly in this very tough conference.

Villanova has a very glaring loss on the season against Columbia. However, this loss did come at the beginning of the year. Whether the case, Villanova has a lot of work to do being the 10th team in the standings of the Big East.

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Florida State Seminoles (12-9, 4-4 ACC)

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It did not help Florida State’s cause getting blown out by Duke earlier today by the score of 79-60. This may not be the same team as last year, but it is very disappointing to see the Seminoles struggle, considering that they won the ACC tournament just a year ago.

Losses against South Alabama and Mercer will not bode well with the tournament committee, but a victory over another bubble team in BYU definitely looks good on the resume.

FSU cannot seem to win back-to-back games, which is something that it has a chance to do against Georgia Tech and Wake Forest in the next two games. If you are a Seminoles fan, you already know that a win against Miami on Feb. 13 would be huge as well.

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Saint Louis Billikens (16-5, 5-2 A 10)

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For what it’s worth the Billikens is a freaking awesome name.

Anyways, Saint Louis has a great chance to dance this year, since it is 5-2 in a very good Atlantic 10 conference.

A win over New Mexico in non-conference play looks good on the resume and so does beating Butler, like the Billikens did just a game ago. Not to mention, they won that game by almost 20 points.

There is still plenty of conference play left, but the way this team is playing, it should be in the tournament come March.

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St. John’s Red Storm (14-7, 6-3 Big East)

red storm
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What a surprise that the Red Storm are tied for third in the Big East right now. This team is riding a five-game winning streak, however, it is currently playing Georgetown.

After that game, St. John’s will matchup against Connecticut, Syracuse and Louisville in consecutive games. That is where we will really see what this team is made of.

Just like many bubble teams, St. John’s has some bad losses on the resume, including to San Francisco and UNC-Asheville.

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Temple Owls (14-6, 3-3 A 10)

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Temple Owls got a huge win in non-conference play against the Syracuse Orange. Not to mention, they beat Villanova and Saint Louis, who were mentioned earlier in this article.

There are so many good teams in the A 10, but not all of them are going to be dancing this year. Temple still has some work to do, considering that there are so many teams on the bubble in this conference.

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