The Upset Of The Century: TCU Knocks Off Kansas Jayhawks

By John Hayden
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Wow–the only word that comes into my mind right now is ‘speechless’. Words cannot describe the game that was played in Forth Worth tonight between the TCU Horned Frogs and the number 6 team in the nation, the Kansas Jayhawks.

The Jayhawks had no life in them tonight or they just didn’t care to play. TCU played some defense, but who couldn’t when you are shooting so cold that you start growing ice cycles on your fingers? No one saw this coming tonight, not even Trent Johnson, the TCU head coach. Tonight will go down as the upset of the century in the record books and all of the media will talk about this game for weeks.

There was no fight in the Jayhawks tonight, no passion, no emotion and the seniors didn’t lead at all. Something is way, way, way wrong with the upperclassmen. It’s like these guys have all decided that they are done sacrificing their bodies for Coach Bill Self. Their defense was horrible and let the Frogs get easy looking baskets every time down the court. It was like the Jayhawks said to the Frogs: “Here you go, we feel bad for you being last place in the Big 12 and you finally needed a big win to boost your confidence. So go ahead and shoot the basket. We won’t even try to stop you.”

Travis Releford was nowhere to be found tonight on the court on both sides of the ball. It was like he was still back in Lawrence or decided to keep his scoring intact until this Saturday. Releford is the glue guy. He must have dried out or something. He’s the key to survival and he’s not there. Ben McLemore and Naadir Tharpe were the only ones willing to fight hard for this win while the others just sat back and watched. This team did have a three hour meeting with coach Bill Self on Sunday afternoon. Did it help any or are the players giving up this season?

This is the most embarrassing lost for the Jayhawks in this century and the centuries before. This team hit a wall like I’ve never seen any year in any sport. No heart, no desire and no brains. TCU deserved to win this game tonight and Kansas, with the way they played, deserved to lose. They played like they were playing to lose. They had a hard time scoring, playing defense and rebounding.

The guards were horrible tonight and something needs to be done now or the season is over and making it nine straight Big 12 Champions will be over too. So will this game take the Jayhawks out of the National Title talk? Will this game wake them up before they travel to play Oklahoma and play Kansas State at home or is this team not who we thought they were? The final buzzer sounded and the TCU fans rushed the court and the Jayhawks will have to regroup and figure out what in the world is wrong with them. Losing two in a row is something new to the team and to the Kansas fans.


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