'Harlem Shake' Taking Over the College Basketball World (Video)

By Ryan Darcy
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, far away from where Sports Illustrated’s cover girl Kate Upton shot her photos–Antarctica–there was a video filmed called “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Harlem Shake,” a video paying tribute to the NCAA. Yes, it was done with the lovely ladies who graced the pages of the swimsuit issue.


There was representation from the Pac-12, the Mountain West Conference, the West Coast Conference and the Western Athletic Conference. Naturally, UNLV got the most love and is the first jersey you’ll see, though they seem to be stumbling down the stretch. Gonzaga, Arizona State, Brigham Young (gasp!) and San Diego State are all represented as well.

Why Las Vegas, you ask? Vegas hosts the annual launch of SI’s Swimsuit Edition and with college basketball in full swing, why not pay homage to a sport that is captivating all of America?

This was not the first college basketball related video to surface of the music trend shaking the nation–the Nebraska Cornhuskers did it less than a week ago, though I’m not entirely sure if it was during a game or it was staged. Herbie Husker killed it though.


George Washington men’s basketball also did their version of the Harlem Shake at practice, which is pretty hilarious.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Harlem Shake, it’s pretty simple. One person dances to the music–it makes most sense for it to be the mascot–and then the beat drops, at which point everyone else begins going absolutely nuts.

It’s already catching on across the college hoops landscape, so expect to see a lot of student sections doing it in the coming weeks.


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