Mississippi State Bulldogs Woes Increase as Roquez Johnson Suspended

By Taylor Sturm
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Mississippi State Bulldogs have been struggling all season long due to early season injuries to star player Jason Steele and other key players. More bad news (as if there could be any more bad news for the Bulldogs) as starting Forward Roquez Johnson has been suspended indefinitely following an unspecified violation of rules, according to head coach Rick Ray.

After Steele returned from his injury, he has been suspended for the last three games. As if only having six scholarship players eligible and healthy to play games, now they are down to five as Johnson has been suspended indefinitely. Mississippi State has been the unluckiest team in the entire country this year. The Bulldogs’ next game is against the Alabama Crimson Tide and was already a loss before Johnson was suspended, now there is no hope for Mississippi State even putting up a fight.

However, do not forget that a few years ago Tennessee took a roster with little to no scholarship players on it and beat the No. 1 Kansas team with walk-ons. Alabama should feel confident, but not overconfident. Players are in this league for a reason.

Mississippi State’s season is already over, but there is room for Ray to improve his team’s confidence. At the moment, the Bulldogs are in last place in the SEC. Although placed last, Mississippi State can take some solace in the fact that they are better than the South Carolina Gamecocks and still play them to finish the season. At the rate both these teams are falling to SEC opposition, the March 6th match-up may be a game that decides which team ends up last in the SEC. The Bulldogs are young and Ray is a good coach; any win would be much needed experience for his young players.

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