Wyoming Apologizes for Chants Made By Students

By John Engel
Josh Holmberg-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to student sections in college basketball arenas, nothing is off limits. The Duke Blue Devils “Cameron Crazies” are notorious for picking on players and coaches with crude comments and slanderous chants, but the name calling isn’t reserved for only elite programs.

In a game last Wednesday between Colorado State and the University of Wyoming, Cowboys fans chanted “Alcoholic” towards Rams head coach Larry Eustachy, who has a well-known history of alcohol abuse. His drinking problem previously lost him his job at Iowa State.

Wyoming athletics marketing interns released a document titled “The Dirt,” which included a list of Eustachy’s past transgressions, including drunken pictures of the coach with women in a night club. This document was then distributed as a flyer to students on campus.

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Not so much.

On Friday, the university issued a statement apologizing to Eustachy and denounced the acts made by the students.

“Our athletic director has reached out to (Colorado State athletic director) Jack Graham and told him this in no way represents what we stand for,” said Wyoming athletics spokesman Tim Harkins. “He apologized to Jack, and asked Jack to apologize on his behalf to coach Eustachy. We can’t always control what students do and don’t do during a game. We appreciate their enthusiasm and support, but we don’t condone that type of behavior.”

Many are outraged at the acts by the students at Wyoming, but acts like these from college students happen all over the country. To think that Wyoming can be held to any higher standard is absurd. I mean, have you ever been to Laramie?

John Engel is a college basketball writer for Rant Sports, covering the Pac-12 and Mountain West conferences. John works for ESPNLA 710 AM radio in addition to Rant Sports. Follow: @engelsportsguy.


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