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NCAA Basketball March Madness

CIT: A General Preview of the World’s Least Known Postseason Tournament

Andrew Synowiez-USA TODAY Sports

You know when you head out for a night on the town with your friends, how your intentions to land the hottest lady (Or guy, but lady for this narrative) possible? Yet, eventually you give in and settle for whatever is closest. Maybe you had far too many adult-beverages, you just don’t care or you are your group’s loser — you end up with a mate for the night who slightly resembles Chunk from the movie Goonies. Well, college basketball has an ugly potential-mate postseason tournament, the CIT. Teams start their season hoping to get to more prestigious tournaments than the CIT, but either after a string of losses or because they also drank too much, they end up dancing in the CIT anyways.

Quick recap here.( Hot girl) NCAA Tournament, (Hot Girl’s Bestie. Who is kind of hot) NIT, (Hot Girl’s cousin. Look similar, but just not as good) CBI, (Hot Girl’s Drunk Know-it-all Friend) CIT. Hopefully I only offended those of you who are the hot girl’s know-it-all friend.

What to Watch For

Guys playing for the love of the game. Really, unless you go to one of these schools or are a degenerate gambler, you don’t care about a single one of these teams playing. However, most of the guys you will be watching play are fundamentally sound. So, for all of those people who claim they do not like college basketball anymore because the fundamentals are gone, here is your event. Seriously, they should rename this puppy the “Fifth-Year Seniors Invitational Tournament.”

Elon, a team I only thought you could create in Madden video games, is also in the CIT. If you like watching a team you assumed was fictional, well, there you go.


CIT Champions- Chicago State (Yes, I am well aware they only have 11 wins. It is the CIT, I DO NOT CARE)

CIT MVP- Great West Conference (See above — then Google)


What? Would you have preferred I lie and told you how awesome the CIT is? In all seriousness, seriously, this a neat tournament where you can watch a bunch of student-athletes try to finish their careers on a high-note.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy —  invent a drinking game and watch!

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