Arizona Wildcats Coach Sean Miller Graduates Players who Stay

By Joseph Nardone
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

News can sure be skewed any which way you desire if you just fadangle or leave out certain numbers here and there. Less than a week ago reports came out about Arizona Wildcats coach, Sean Miller, having the inability to keep players on his roster. Now, new reports are coming out stating he graduates all of his players — well, you know, at least the ones who stay.

The Arizona Daily Star has an article out praising Miller’s graduation rates. They point out the fact that every player who has ever exhausted their eligibility while with the program has graduated. Which is absolutely correct, although it is also an incomplete assessment of players who have come through Miller’s program.

At the end of the day, though, it does not really matter what happened to the “other” players who do not factor in to Miller’s 100 percent graduation rate. All of those players are either transfers or early entries — making Miller or the Arizona program no longer accountable for their academic achievements.

In all, 26 players have graduated during Miller’s entire head coaching career. Mind you, Miller has been a head coach for nine years. So if you would like to do the math regarding how many “potential” graduates he has coached, please go right ahead.

The reporting on Miller’s graduation rate achievements as well as his completely opposite buzz thrust upon him talking about transfers constantly surrounding him is just more of the same for the head coach. Ever since the Ed Rush debacle — through no real fault of his own — Miller has been increasingly in the public spotlight and not always for the best of reasons.


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