Andrew Wiggins Picking Kansas Jayhawks Hurts Florida State Seminoles the Most

By Trevor Lowry
JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins deciding to play for the Kansas Jayhawks hurts the Florida State Seminoles the most. That is if you don’t include all of the teams that Kansas will have to play this year.

Florida State will not be the best team in college basketball entering the season, which is why it was probably banking on Wiggins joining the team.

The incoming recruiting class does consist of two 4-stars, so at least there is that. However, Michael Snaer among others will no longer be on the team. Snaer graduating hurts the Seminoles the most, but there is some talent on this team.

Florida State is coming off of a disappointing season in which it did not make the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Next season could be better and it could be worse. It all depends on how the young talent does on this team though.

Wiggins joining would have been huge for this program. The Seminoles could have been ranked in the top 25 to enter the season–although that is just speculation–and they would have most likely been a much better team with him.

Wiggins’ decision has been talked about for months, probably even longer. He is the kind of player that can turn around just about any basketball team in just one season. However, he picked Kansas, who has kind of been good for awhile now. He did not make a bad decision or anything like that, but Wiggins’ choice to be a Jayhawk is likely a huge disappointment for the Florida State program.


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