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5 Reasons Why LeBron James Ruined College Basketball

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Hating on LeBron James

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LeBron James just won his second title as well as NBA Finals' MVP award in as many years and you still hate the man. It is as if you have all watched so much Skip Bayless that anything the man does great will not equal the hatred that you have for him. James carries his team in the fourth quarter of Game 6? Well, find a way to credit his teammates and point out two turnovers. He does great in clutch moments of Game 7 and everyone wants to point to luck rather than coming up huge in big moments.

I suppose that is what happens when a player becomes polarizing. Whether you hate James because of biased reasons, didn't take kind to "The Decision" or you prefer your basketball players to have the backing of Bayless (because, you know, he is credible) you just want to hate everything he has ever done regardless of his success.

Hating on him is getting tiring, though. I mean, you are all running out of reasons to pick apart his game at the professional level. Luckily for you, LeBron haters, I have come up with a new way for you to put down the world's best basketball player and it has nothing to do with his now endless run of NBA Titles. In fact, it has to do with something he hasn't done. How one man, without ever enrolling in a school, has ruined college basketball.

So travel with me down the fictional world in which James haters live in and let us look at five ways he has ruined college basketball.

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College basketball is cool. Don't believe me? Just ask your parents or anyone who remembers the best NBA players first going to college. James bypassed going to school and went straight to the pros from high school. While it may have worked out for him, it has left a huge void in the "remember what he did for the Club State Pool Cleaners" talk. You know, whenever we hype up Tim Duncan's legacy (or players like him), there is always that one story or two about what they did in college. James left us without those convos.


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I know that whenever I watch college hoops, I wonder about the future of the players' hairlines. This was never an issue for me in the past. Now with James' hairline running quickly away from his forehead, I cannot help but worry for these young men's futures, specifically the distance between their hair and their eyes. I don't know if I can ever enjoy watching a freshman shoot a pull up jumper again.


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Andrew Wiggins is coming into the realm of collegiate athletics with a country's worth of expectations on his shoulders. Expectations that he can't possibly live up to. With James having the initial success he had in the league, the nation's top experts and cynics are no longer patient enough to let a teenager develop. It's not the fans', the media's or Wiggins' fault, it is that dastardly James!


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John Calipari

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Wait? What?!

Poor John Calipari. The nation's best recruiter never got a real chance to scoop up James' talents. Instead he was forced to recruit a bunch of different high school All-Americans. I don't want to live in a world where Cal can't coach a future top pick for at least one year. Cal, well, he probably lost his smile when James went straight to the NBA.


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Oh, come on and just admit it. You hate LeBron James for no good reason. Despite all of his accomplishments, his freakish talents and having won two NBA Titles you just don't want to like the guy. It can be because you don't like someone being so much better at their craft than you are at yours or maybe you are truly ignorant enough to believe people like Bayless. Hopefully, maybe naively, I want to live in a place where we can all appreciate greatness. No, you don't have to love him, but you don't have to find ways to not give the man credit either. Alas...