Key Role Players Will Have To Step Up Next Season For Ole Miss Rebels

By Trevor Lowry
Ole Miss Rebels
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Ole Miss Rebels were one of the best teams in the SEC this past season and finishing two games back in the conference standings proved that. Well, the Rebels will be without Murphy Holloway in the 2013-14 college basketball season and some key role players will have to step up.

Those role players are Derrick Millinghaus and Ladarius White. Heck, even Jarvis Summers could be thrown into the role player mix, but I expect him to have a breakout season regardless.

Millinghaus and Ladarius both averaged more than five points per game this past season, but if Ole Miss wants to keep up its lethal offense–ranked seventh in the nation–these two players are going to have to put the ball in the hoop more. With more looks, that should be the case.

If not, then sure, they could just sit back and watch the Marshall Henderson show. Henderson will likely score around 20 points per game once again, but one man cannot do it all in college hoops, especially when Kentucky and Florida are part of your conference.

Who knows if Ole Miss will have the same success in the SEC next season, but one or more players are going to have to step up regardless. That is especially the case if the Rebels think they can steal another SEC tournament.

This team has a lot of talent left, despite some key departures, and it will be up to last year’s role players to step up their games. However, Henderson going off for around 25 points per game would definitely help.

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