Are the Kentucky Wildcats Really the No. 1 Team In College Hoops?

By Trevor Lowry
Kentucky Wildcats
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats will enter the 2013-14 college basketball season as the No. 1 team in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Are they really the No. 1 team in the nation?

Preseason rankings are subject to change. If you threw the top 10 teams into a tournament right now, I doubt Kentucky would win. They have the most talent in the nation. That is kind of hard to argue when a team is bringing in five five-star recruits. No one can deny the talent that the Wildcats have, but this team has not even played a game yet.

Last year’s Wildcats had very high expectations and we all saw how that ended (lost in first game of the NIT).

Kentucky can definitely earn that No. 1 ranking, but until it knocks off good basketball teams and shows how good it actually is on the court, it is nothing more than a preseason ranking.

Michigan State is ranked No. 2 and I can bet you that it thinks it is the No. 1 team. Well, the Spartans will take on the Wildcats on Nov. 12. We all saw what the Spartans were capable of last season. Sure, they will be a little different in the upcoming season, but we all know that they are one of the best teams in college hoops on paper and on the court.

Kentucky is just the best team on paper. I am not trying to bash the Wildcats or lessen the hype that they are receiving. John Calipari is a great coach and he has a very talented group this year.

It makes sense to place Kentucky at the top of the rankings, but it could easily lose that No. 1 ranking once it faces Michigan State.

This team will be challenged all season long, so it will have to be on its A game or it will lose many times.

The USA Today Coaches Poll got it right by ranking Kentucky No. 1, but it may not be the best team in college basketball… at least right now. Give this team some time and I am sure it will prove it is worthy of its No. 1 preseason ranking, though.

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