Tom Izzo Makes Valid Point in Calling Out John Calipari After 'Unfair' Comments

By Connor Muldowney
Tom Izzo
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan State Spartans are preparing for one of the biggest matchups of the season that will be taking place on Tuesday evening in Chicago. Tom Izzo and the Spartans will be taking on a Kentucky Wildcats team that looks to be one of the most talented, young teams in the past decade. However, Kentucky head coach John Calipari doesn’t seem so pleased with the matchup between No. 1 Kentucky and No. 2 Michigan State, calling it “unfair” for his young team.

What exactly did Calipari say about the game of the season? Here’s an excerpt:

“The issue becomes playing teams [like Michigan State] this early is not fair for my team. It may be fair for everybody else. But it’s no fair for my team. It’s just not traditional in the sense everybody stays four years. So it’s not fair when we walk in and everybody else is more experienced.”

Izzo had the perfect response to these awful excuses:

While this might seem like Izzo is just having fun with Calipari, he has a world full of truth behind his comments. For one, Calipari has no room to complain about ‘fairness’ when he is the one that recruits the one-and-dones and puts himself in the ‘less experienced’ category every season — that backfired last year.

Calipari can’t sit there and say that his team shouldn’t have to play tough teams early because the Wildcats are young, but these words will likely fuel the Spartans. It seems like Izzo’s words show that the Spartans will show absolutely no mercy to this team of five-star freshmen.

Tuesday cannot come soon enough.

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