College Basketball Rumors: Kevin Ware Would be Wise to Transfer to Auburn

By RanterX
kevin ware transfer rumors auburn
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By now you might have heard that Kevin Ware, the feel-good story of the 2013 national champion Louisville Cardinals, is going to transfer from the school with which he won a ring. Although he didn’t play in the title game because of his gruesome leg injury that went viral on the Internet, he was the fact of the Cardinals’ run to glory under head coach Rick Pitino. After he was clearly nowhere near 100 percent after coming back from the broken leg, he was shut down for the entire 2013-14 season and has now decided to finish his college basketball career elsewhere.

Put simply, this is absolutely the right decision by Ware, who apparently had a change of heart this week after he tweeted on Tuesday that he’s “never leaving” Louisville and then announced on Saturday that he would be transferring. As of Saturday evening, there is no news as to where he will play in 2014, but there’s a lot of speculation that it will be Auburn.

For starters, Ware said he wants to play closer to his home in Atlanta, Ga. and the Auburn campus is about an hour and a half drive from there. In addition, Ware originally committed to play for Bruce Pearl at Tennessee when he was coming out of high school and Pearl was recently hired at Auburn.

Assuming Ware can play at the level he did when he was a valued contributor to a national championship team, he was be a great cornerstone player for Pearl, who will be trying to rebuild an Auburn program that hasn’t exactly been stellar in recent years. After getting into hot water while at Tennessee and then facing a suspension that kept him out of coaching for three years, Peal is looking for redemption while Ware is also looking for another chance to prove he can still do this. It’s a risk for both sides, but the reward would be resurrected careers of both the player and coach and there’s no one who doesn’t want to see that.

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