Clemson Basketball Isn't Quite Ready To Compete In ACC

By Geoffrey Knox

It really doesn’t appear that the Clemson Tigers have a clear plan for success with the basketball program. If you were to be honest, many of you would have to admit that you had no idea that the Tigers led the ACC in blocked shots in two of the last three seasons, but that may not be enough to sustain them in the upcoming season.

A little over two of the team’s average of five blocks per game came in the form of former center Landry Nnoko, but he was a senior and won’t be playing next year. That’s okay, though, because he was basically a liability on offense. The star of this team is clearly Jaron Blossomgame, who has some tools that may serve him well at the next level. Look for him to take yet another step in the right direction. Last year, he created his fair share of defensive headaches for opposing teams as well.

Other than Blossomgame, it’s really difficult to determine where most of the team’s production is going to come from. It’s not a lost cause, but the other teams in this conference can score, and this team averaged 70 points a game in the 2015-16 season. That’s not completely terrible, but it’s a concern that almost a third of that came from Blossomgame.

Ty Hudson was the team’s standout recruit from last year, but he’s still learning. He averaged over a little under three points while playing seven minutes a game last year, but he’ll need to grow up quickly in a conference that seems to get better every time you turn the television on. If the upset wins the Tigers pulled off a year ago are going to become more common, they’ll need newly signed freshman Scott Spencer to step right in, join Blossomgame in the frontcourt and become a factor right away.

To make long stories short, this team can’t afford major injuries, and it better hope Blossomgame doesn’t draw a double-team. Otherwise, all Clemson’s joy will be coming from the football team.

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