Tim Tebow vs Notre Dame: Critizing Those I Love


lol this is a joke… so your logic:
He teased a teammate about their college football team, which must mean… TEBOW HATES CATHOLICS!
lol pathetic dude..

no. wrong.. READ TEBOWS DISS.. It literally says Football Team in the sentence.. man you didn’t think this through very well lol. Not to mention (while I agree in general ND has better grades than UF) Tebow himself was actually an academic all american with a 3.83 GPA upon graduating

One, Gatorzone isn’t Tebow’s site, and he didn’t have a say in them taken down. Two.. Have you ever been in a football locker room??? Guys are guys and will mess around with their teammates.
Brady Quin is one of those QBs who thinks he’s better because he went to a school with a great football tradition, he talked about it alot, other players (tebow included) defended their own schools and made fun of his (which for the last decade, has been pretty easy to make fun of).
I’m a Catholic, and I know an insult on my faith when I see one. This is an absolute joke and you know it lol. I’m not even going to grace this blog-post with anymore discussion. It’s pitiful dude. –James Pudner

My recent article on Tim Tebow mocking Notre Dame has elicited some commentary that’s rather contrary, to say the least. Rant’s own Jeff Shull commented, “Are Notre Dame fans really this sensitive?” while Alex Foos of Houston came back with the true fool’s reply, “Yes, they’re all bitches.”

However, James Pudner’s trio of misguided jibes were the most representative of how out of touch many MSM believers are with faith and Notre Dame football, and thus these are the comments I shall presently address.

Dear Mr. Pudner,

Thanks again for your replies, but perhaps the only thing more ironic than Tim Tebow dissing the football team that practically invented kneeling to pray before and after plays, is your claiming to be Catholic and not catching the irony.

As far as your take that my Tebow article was naive (especially concerning locker rooms) and not thought out, your assessment that Tebow (and or his “people”) had nothing to do with getting his embarrassing ND comments removed from Gator Zone is certainly the height of naiveté. That’s like saying Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have nothing to do with the negative ads run by the Super Pacs, and have no power to stop them if the ads get out of hand.

As far as my locker room knowledge goes, for all the cool camaraderie that goes on there, you must admit there is also a dark side, and I’m not even referring to the darkness now known simply as (Jerry) Sandusky. For every inspirational saying that comes out of a locker room, there is a regrettable one made in the heat of passion that must later be accounted for.

In Tebow’s case, his middle-school mentality of siding with the mob against the unpopular or fat kid (which you correctly note that Notre Dame was during the Charlie Weis era) might be forgiven. Except for the fact Tebow then takes this confidential exchange out of the locker room and uses it as cheap laughs for Florida alums, seemingly revealing the dark side of Tebow as well.

But the most telling part of your commentary is that suddenly in your third reply, you decide to base your whole argument on your Catholic faith and then give no reasons to support it. Again, as to your contention that I “didn’t think this through very well,” my faith and sports “logic,” especially through my book, Champions of Faith: Catholic Sports Heroes Tell Their Stories, has been accepted by the Vatican, so at least someone significant agrees with me.

But if you don’t like my Catholic logic, how about that of the evangelical blogger from The Dangling Ear, written about Tebow’s GQ miscue:

“But there is an element to Tebow that seems a bit conflicting with his message, at least to me. He seems too eager to pursue the Spotlight, too ready to embrace celebrity status. So – how did the recent GQ article featuring staged photos of Tim Tebow, shirtless or flexing, help spread the message of Christianity??

“Those photos were a glorification of Tim Tebow, not the Lord Jesus Christ. And how did Tebow and his head coach Urban Meyer think that an article in a magazine like GQ would be anything but a bit racy, edgy, and portrayed with sexual and perhaps homosexual undertones?”

(Continued on Rant Sports here.)

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