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Tim Tebow vs Notre Dame, Part 2


The continuation of my letter to James Pudner, my “main” Tim Tebow critic. Part 1 here.

Mr. Pudner, if you had supported your “Catholic…I know an insult…when I see one” logic with a quote from the Catholic Catechism, the Bible, or the lives of the saints, perhaps it would have carried some weight. Instead, you cannot go more than a sentence or two without repeating early twenty-first century trite-isms like “lol” or “dude,” although I suppose your switch from “pathetic” to “pitiful” represents some semblance of originality.

In other words, while I argue that Tim Tebow would never have uttered a cheap joke about a school named “Jesus Christ Our Savior” (not realizing Notre Dame‘s name is every bit as Christian) you weakly retort that I’m the “joke,” since you are not knowledgeable enough to argue anything else.

In the end, I hope you remember that I criticized Tebow not because I hate his displays of faith, but because I really admire them. However, as Tebow’s favorite book is quick to point out, “For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required” (Luke 12:48), so for his witness to take lasting root, Tebow can’t also be following the “in” crowd or doing what’s in “vogue,” pun intended.

I hope you and Tebow can take this as the constructive criticism that it is; a “LOL” that’s not a “laugh out loud” but one that’s meant with “lots of love.” For as St. Paul says, love is not only one of three things worth living for, but the Greatest witness of all (1 Cor. 13:13).

Go Irish!
Tom O’Toole

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