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The Five Ugliest College Football Uniforms of the Past 10 Years

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The Five Ugliest College Football Uniforms of the 2012 Season

Bruce Thorson- US PRESSWIRE

We seem to have hit a period of time in college football in which every team is trying to constantly “revitalize” their image by creating new uniforms every other year.

Maryland made a statement with their brand new threads last year, using shades of the state flag across their uniform in a not-so-subtle way. Penn State changed theirs for the first time in years, and other programs are accepting the “Pro-Combat” revolution, trying to add a new look to their football team.

Unfortunately not all of these uniforms present the crisp, fresh, image the school may have hoped for. A lot of them receive heavy criticism from everyone across campus, as well as across the country.

Everybody has their own opinion on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to uniforms. Some prefer old- school types, representing plain, standard colors without names on the back. Others prefer newer “Pro-Combat” jerseys with modern designs and complicated color schemes.

Regardless of preference, it makes one wonder, when fashion became more important than the game of football itself. A uniform is a uniform. Universities worry too much about what the team is wearing rather than how it performs on game day.

That being said, there are a few uniforms used in the 2012 season that fell sort of what they were aiming for, leaving the rest of the country to simply ask what they were thinking.

I have selected five uniforms either used, or to be used, this season that, in my opinion, are the ugliest jerseys of 2012.

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Joshua S. Kelley

Three cheers for the red, white, and brown.

Wait, what? Virginia Tech introduced their new white uniforms a few seasons ago, and I have hated them ever since.

It looks like whipped cream on a pumpkin pie. Seriously, that’s what I want people to think of as I’m charging out of the tunnel, ready to hit somebody.

It reminds me of Thanksgiving, which you might not think is that bad, until you remember that Virginia Tech’s mascot is a turkey.

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Bruce Thorson- US PRESSWIRE

These uniforms at first glance, are not terrible. However, after looking these over for a bit, the capital “N” in the middle of the jersey began to bother me.

The number above the “N” makes this logo look like some sort of element off of the periodic table. N3. It’s like a new form of Nitrogen. Let’s call it “Corn Husk”.

The next issue I have with these jerseys is the color scheme. I understand the red, but black? It’s like they forgot their school colors.

I also have a huge problem with the ridiculous black stripes running down the pants.

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Southern Miss

Southern Miss
Chuck Cook

These uniforms look like LSU, The University of San Francisco, and Appalachian State had a cute little uniform baby, and gave it to Southern Miss.

The helmet logo is almost a direct copy of San Francisco’s logo. The color scheme is too close to LSU’s and the black on the jersey doesn’t flow with the rest of it. Either be yellow and white, or yellow and black, don’t be both.

Also, for what it’s worth, since debuting these jerseys, Southern Miss has not won a game this season.

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Bruce Thorson- US PRESSWIRE

It looks like someone hasn’t figured out how to change the font from Times New Roman. That’s the only reason I can imagine as to why Wisconsin sported a giant W in basic computer-type font. The worst part is they forgot to bold it. At least they put the player numbers on there in three different places so we can tell who everyone is.

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To put this as nicely as possible, it looks like someone designed beautiful gray uniforms, and then vomited all over the shoulder pads.

I think it’s supposed to be camouflage. That will come in handy if the Tight End ever happens to find himself in swarm of yellow jackets. How about the WYO on the chest? Are they too lazy to finish the word or use a logo? Did they run out of time designing it and instead of finishing the word someone decided WYO was ok.