Oregon Ducks: The Best Kept Secret in College Football

By Allen Faul
Kelley L Cox-US Presswire

The Oregon Ducks are college football’s most explosive team on offense.  They average 55 points a game, while boasting over 5600 yards of total offense-tormenting teams with an up tempo offense and more speed than a NASCAR race. But I’ll let you in on something you’ve probably not heard; the best kept secret in college football.

They have played one of the weakest schedules of any contender. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

What has been so impressive about the Oregon Ducks victories this year other than their offenses’ ability to score points in a fast and furious manor?

I’ll bet it was the way they torched the likes of Arkansas State, Fresno State and Tennessee Tech to start the season. But then again, perhaps it was the tough conference schedule with the 6-4 Arizona Wildcats, 2-8 Washington State Cougars, 6-4 Washington Huskies, 5-5 Arizona State Sun Devils, and the 1-9 Colorado Buffaloes.

Sure, the Ducks beat the Southern California Trojans this season, but if the Trojan defense had a pulse in that game the Ducks would have been handed their first loss on the season-and still almost were. Not to mention Southern Cal is not the top ranked team we thought they were at the beginning of the season.

America meet the team many feel is the best team in the country, a team that has defeated only 1 ranked opponent on the season. Also, welcome to the realization that college football is a popularity contest.

Look at the resumes: Notre Dame has defeated 3 top 25 opponents on the season and Kansas State has also beaten two opponents that are still ranked. Heck, Texas A&M with two losses on the season is more proven than Oregon right now and in my opinion a better team.

While this is all infuriating at the moment, rest assured that it will all play out in the end. The Ducks will have to close out the season with 14th ranked Stanford Cardinal, then 15th Ranked Oregon State.  If they win those two contests, they will then likely have to face the winner of the UCLA and Southern Cal game. If they can go three for three in that stretch, my hat is off to them.

Oregon very well may be the best team in the country. They just aren’t there yet.

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