University of Miami Will Not Play in Bowl in 2012

By Curt Popejoy
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Have you ever had a cut on your arm, and your mom put that band-aid on it? It’s time for the band-aid to come off and you have 2 choices. You can either take the slow, painful pull, or the quick pull. But no matter which one you chose, that cut is still going to be under there when you get done. That’s what is happening with the University of Miami.

The University has chosen to impose their own personal bowl ban for 2012, as well as announce that if they win their division of the ACC they will not participate in the title game. This goes along with their bowl ban from 2011. But someone outside of this situation may be wondering why are they inflicting this slow pull on themselves.

They are doing it because they understand that when that band-aid comes off, it doesn’t look good under there. The NCAA has had an ongoing inquiry on the University football program and with findings on the horizon, the University understands they are the nail and the NCAA is about to be the hammer.

I personally think the decision to impose their own bowl ban as a sort of preemptive strike against the onslaught that is coming is smart, and a prudent move at this point. If they can do anything that might sway the NCAA toward a bit of leniency in their punishment it’s a good thing. At some point this program will need to move forward so the sooner the better on putting all of this nastiness behind them.

We’ve all been waiting for the ruling from the NCAA for some time now on all this, and with this latest announcement we have to assume it’s coming quickly and we should also assume that it’s going to be pretty severe. I applaud the university to take this first step toward getting that Band-aid off and let the healing begin.

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