Can Michigan Wolverines Beat Ohio State Buckeyes In 2013?

By Cameron Adamczyk
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


The biggest rivalry in the college football landscape has been quite lopsided in the past decade. Ohio State has ruled the Michigan-Ohio State duel since 2000, winning 10 of the 12 games. With the recent hiring of Urban Meyer, Ohio State has dominated the recruiting landscape. They were ranked in the top three in the 2013 recruiting class nearly everywhere. On the field, Ohio State outranked Michigan in nearly every statistic in 2012. Does this season spell a different outcome for Michigan against Ohio State?

In the biggest category in the game of football–quarterback–Michigan is looking at an aerial upgrade. Devin Gardner is going to replace Denard Robinson in the 2013 season. Gardner is going to have an entire offseason knowing he has the starting gig. This means Brady Hoke will be able to make an offense more adjusted to his style. This will most likely correlate to a much more successful 2013 season on an offensive stand point.

From a defensive stand point, Michigan was very close to stellar last year. They only gave up 19.8 points per game last season, which was 20th in the nation. This was one of the few categories Michigan ranked higher than Ohio State. State ranked 31st in the country with 22.8 points per game. If Michigan can keep up this great defensive rate, they should look very good in 2013.

The little things really do determine games like this. It could come down to special teams or forced punts. The Michigan Wolverines have a good a chance as any year to take down their biggest rivals in the upcoming season. I think it is finally time Michigan turns the tide in the series, and they start to win a few consecutive games against OSU. The Brady Hoke vs. Urban Meyer rivalry truly begins in 2013.

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