Florida State Signee Matthew Thomas' Dad Says Son Prefers USC

By Jack Jorgensen
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

While it may be a little longer than expected before we see prized linebacker recruit Matthew Thomas actually suit up and take to the gridiron on a college campus, we may be getting a tad closer to learning exactly which college campus that anticipated event may take place on.

Per ESPN’s Joe Schad on Monday, the father of Thomas has apparently shed some light on answering the question as to where his son may play, after deciding that being a Florida State Seminole wasn’t really for him after all.

This revelation really shouldn’t be all that surprising, given the circumstances.

You’ll recall that this situation became so newsworthy when Thomas decided last month that he would rather not attend the Tallahassee, Florida school–the school with whom he signed with back on February. But, as we would come to find out, Thomas cited pressure from his mother leading to his signature being placed on the LOI paper, with the intentions of her son staying close to home.

The situation has caused a myriad of controversy in the college football world, mainly the argument of whether or not Florida State should release Thomas from his agreement and let him play at any institution immediately. The FSU administration has stated on more than one occasion that they have zero plans in letting Thomas roam freely, therefore should he go to the USC Trojans, the former no.1 rated LB will not be able to see action until the 2014 season.

Since declaring his intentions of not wanting to stay at Florida State, the two main schools that were rumored to have caught his eye as potential landing spots were the Trojans and the Georgia Bulldogs. However, the USC rumor definitely carried the most weight, as that was where many expected him to be going back on Signing Day.


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