The Longhorn Network's Latest Blunder

By Corey Elliot

Texas Longhorns
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Contrary to the last three seasons, the Texas Longhorns are on the fringe of a football season that fans will never forget. That’s because in 2013 we are going to either watch the resurgence of Texas Football, or we are going to watch the dramatic demise of a program that once stood as the blue print of success for other programs to follow.

Likewise, an Ole Miss team that is just two seasons removed from finishing 2-10, is coming off of a 7-6 2012 season that resulted in one of the best recruiting campaigns I’ve seen from a program wading through mediocrity. With the signing of the No. 1 overall prospect Robert Nkemdiche, the Rebels are rising with expectations as high as the Longhorns.

So, the stage is set. Texas went into Oxford, MS last fall and won 66-31 and this September the Rebels get a chance for revenge when they travel to Austin in what is sure to be a completely different game than last season’s 35-point tromping.

And we will all get to watch it live on the Longhorn Network!

Wait, what? ESPN is passing on this game? Certainly there has been a mistake. You’re kidding me, right? This has the makings of a solid contest between two teams that have the potential to finish this season 9-3 or better—a disappointment for Longhorns fans and a huge success for Rebel faithful. Regardless, we are talking about a Longhorns team that will likely win the Big 12 and a Rebels team that will scratch the surface of the SEC with the potential to have a surprise success season like Texas A&M did a year ago.

Yes, let us put that game on the Longhorn Network. Why would anyone want to see a match-up that seeds two teams better than they were a year ago on national television?

It gets old. I’m looking at you, Texas.


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