Lifting Transfer Restrictions Doesn't Help Mike Gundy's Reputation Following Wes Lunt Departure

By Jack Jorgensen
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Former Oklahoma State Cowboys QB West Lunt‘s journey to becoming a member of the Illinois Fighting Illini wasn’t exactly traveled on a smoothly paved road. The speed bumps were frequent. The most formidable of these were the transfer restrictions that were slapped on the young man by former head coach Mike Gundy. Lunt was virtually restricted from playing college football anywhere in the Western hemisphere. Alright, not that drastic, but those who know the situation know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, we learned this week that towards the end of Lunt’s search for a new place to call home, Gundy lifted some of the harsh restrictions placed against him. The QB confirmed this in an interview with the 1450 radio station in Illinois.

My response to this: Am I supposed to be impressed?

Some people saw this as a perception-changing decision by the coach that would land him in the better graces of the many that scrutinized him when the decision was initially made to tie Lunt down. Looking at it as if Gundy had a change of heart, he would soon again be looked upon as one of the young (he’s 45 and a male, in case you didn’t know), up-and-coming, credible (here’s the key word here) coaches in college football today.

I am not one of those people that are going to buy into that. Those people aren’t looking at the bigger picture here.

Given Lunt’s eligibility, no matter where he went at the FBS level, he won’t be able to participate on the field until 2014. What that essentially did was put him on the same level as, say, someone like David Cornwell who recently committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide for 2014. In a nutshell, he was relegated to a point where he’s no different really than an upcoming high school senior.

Now, when the restrictions were set in place, schools in the SEC and Pac 12, for example, were immediately put under the assumption that they had no chance at landing the star QB. So, they were forced to treat it just as if a high school senior had already committed elsewhere, and they moved on to other 2014 prospects.

Therefore, by the time that Gundy had this “change-of-heart”, a majority of the schools that Lunt may have been interested in–I’m singling out the SEC here, yes–already had found their 2014 QB pupils.

And, from Lunt’s end, he had not only been knee-deep in the decision between the Louisville Cardinals and Illinois, but he also had lost contact with recruiters from those other schools.

So, in the end, what exactly did Gundy lifting those restrictions provide? Nothing, whatsoever.

Nothing is going to change the fact that this was one of the most selfish decisions in the history of college football transfers. And, that includes Gundy all of a sudden seeing the light towards the end of Lunt’s recruitment.

Yes, you’re a man, Mike Gundy. You’re 45. But, I also know that you’re not that ignorant to everything I explained above. Nice try, though.


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