Life And Times Of Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel A Tired Story

By Corey Elliot
Johnny Manziel
Soobum IM USA Today Sports Images

The saga of Johnny Manziel continues. But should we really be surprised at this point?

After last weekend’s late night tweet-a-thon expressing his desire to get out of College Station as soon as he could as if it were a prison, what could the 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner possibly do to create more distraction?

Now, it’s important to remember, folks, we haven’t walked in his shoes, as he so kindly reminded us last weekend. Reports leaked on Wednesday from multiple sources that the Texas A&M quarterback almost transferred last summer. Manziel was involved in an incident around 2 a.m. in which he was arrested and initially suspended for the season.

He was initially suspended for his entire unexpected, out-of-nowhere-Heisman season? Before an Aggies team who had no business competing with Alabama — or anyone in the SEC — embarked on their SEC debut and not only beat the Crimson Tide, but also finished 11-2?


Before all of that, you’re telling me Manziel was out doing what Manziel apparently does best, stirring things up after midnight? What a surprise.

I’m now convinced he lives in a different world than all of us; a world where you can essentially do almost anything you’d like without serious repercussions. If he found a way to “appeal” a suspension for breaking laws — not university rules, but substantial laws — then I don’t l know much else that the kid could do wrong.

And don’t start with the whole ‘maybe it was just the group he was with that night’ deal, because that excuse doesn’t work after the age of 10. Besides, Manziel has shown his whiney , poor-me-when-things-aren’t-going-my-way side far too many times on social media.

But, this is so many things rolled into one it’s hard for me to comprehend it all. The fact that if it weren’t for an appeal that apparently rationalizes fake IDs and all the other things an underage student-athlete shouldn’t be out doing around 2 a.m., “Johnny Football” would have never been?

Last fall, I thought I was watching something really cool, but now I think I speak for almost everyone outside of College Station when I say that Manziel losing that appeal and never being anything more than a name on that roster would have been perfectly fine with me.

His tweets, shoving an assistant coach and preseason bar fights — it’s all getting really old, really fast and I’m tired of it.

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