Football Season Can't Come Soon Enough For Johnny Manziel

By Andrew Fisher
Johnny Manziel
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

At first I blamed the media circus surrounding Johnny Manziel‘s dismissal from the Manning Passing Academy on the fact that it’s July. There’s not a ton going on in the world of sports this time of year, so any little story can become a big thing. But as more ‘details’ of what really happened emerged and Manziel told his story at SEC media day, it became clear that the ridiculous coverage of the quarterback would continue. Somehow, a 20-year old potentially being hungover is a big story.

People making a big deal out of this should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not like Manziel overslept and missed the team bus to a game on Saturday – he did it in the middle of the summer at a football camp where he was helping out. He probably did deserve to be booted from the camp, but that’s where the story should have ended.

Now Johnny Football is left in a position where he’s going to have to prove the critics wrong on the field. That’s the only way this is tabloid crap is going to stop. If he can duplicate or even improve his production from a season ago, there won’t be a thing anyone can say to him. To me, Manziel just sounds like a college kid who wants to have fun. There’s nothing wrong with living by the motto work hard, play hard, but the sophomore QB does need to know his limits.

There won’t be anyone like myself defending him if he gets arrested or screws up to the point where it costs him and the Texas A&M Aggies on the field. If he wants to go out and have fun while tipping back a few cold ones, there’s nothing wrong with that, but he can’t get into any more legal trouble.

If Manziel comes out and picks up right where he left off last season, all of this unnecessary coverage of his life outside of football will tame down. It won’t ever fully go away because we are talking about the Heisman trophy winner, but I’m sure Manziel can’t wait until the questions he’s being asked are actually about football.


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