Report: Johnny Manziel Under NCAA Investigation for Profiting from Autographs

By Jack Jorgensen

It’s the story that just won’t go away. Some would think that with camps opening around the country and football activities taking place, that the controversy surrounding embattled Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel would have at least simmered a bit by now. His biggest concern at the moment should be how he is going to repeat his most famous performance from last season and try and beat the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide for the second consecutive season.

Well, according to a report from ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Manziel now has a new opponent to focus on.

In something we all assumed we’d see coming, the NCAA has apparently decided that they want to have their crack at bringing down the rock star-like college football figure.

According to the reports, as Manziel was attending the BCS Title Game earlier this January in Miami, the QB allegedly agreed to sign autographs on memorabilia in exchange for a five-figure sum of cash. And this, of course, is a big no-no in the NCAA eyes.

As Manziel landed in Miami on Jan. 6, he reportedly hooked up with an autograph broker named Drew Tieman. Johnny Football, accompanied by a few friends, then went to Tieman’s residence where he signed hundreds of items for the broker in exchange for money.

Should these accusations be found true, then Manziel would automatically be ruled ineligible under NCAA rules.

This is yet another spoke in the wheel that is the summer of Johnny Football. Although with this one, I think it might be time for Johnny to lay low and let this play out.


Jack is a College Football Writer for Rant Sports. Follow Jack on Twitter @JackJ14RS

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