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5 Biggest College Football Upsets For Week 6

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5 Biggest College Football Upsets For Week 6

Chris Nicoll- USA TODAY Sports

Trying to pick upsets in College Football is like trying to find the right woman. You may fail horribly a lot of times but you have to keep trying to find the right one. When you do, just grab on and never let go. Luckily this week, I think I have found a few that are some real keepers.

As the season goes on and I get more opportunities to watch all of the teams in my basement, I can feel my upset senses getting stronger. Missed picks of the last few weeks were also not my fault and were the fault of the referees who apparently read all of my picks before the games start and assembled in a way that seeks to devalue my article writing. I have become so good at picking, however, that even with a giant referee conspiracy against me I still manage to win a few each week.

The only issue we seemed to bump into this week was the government shutdown because as you know the government is a huge supporter of my picks and helps me in every way they can. The shutdown has been hard and I have had to scale back to three cans of Spaghetti O's a day, which has made me grouchy apparently according to my mom and I have found it hard not to pick teams based off food products due to my hunger. Miley Cyrus is hosting SNL this week though so that has helped me get through this week.

So read on to see my five biggest upsets for Week 6 in College Football. The government may be shutdown but these red-hot upset picks will never shutdown because like Miley Cyrus, we just can't stop even if everyone says we should.

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#5 Michigan State Over Iowa

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State is a one-point underdog going on the road to Iowa this weekend but what Iowa fans fail to recognize is that a Hawkeye is not a real bird and I will never respect a university that propagates false animals.

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#4 Auburn Over Ole Miss

Derick E. Hingle- USA TODAY Sports

Auburn is a three-point underdog at home but they are the Tigers, which is not only a real animal but a fierce one at that. Katy Perry's song says you're going to hear me roar, not you're going to hear me be a Rebel.

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#3 Hawaii Over San Jose State

Marco Garcia- USA TODAY Sports

I couldn't pick two Spartans to win this week so I went with the closest thing which is a Warrior. I am not making this pick so the Hawaii Tourist Association sends me on a free trip but if they don't give me that, maybe I like San Jose State.

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#2 Nevada Over San Diego State

Melina Vastola- USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I go to the University of Nevada but I picked against them a few weeks ago so spare me the homer-pick talk. I just really want my grades to go up.

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#1 Northwestern Over Ohio State

Jerry Lai- USA TODAY Sports

Is a Buckeye related to a Hawkeye? Why do you have to add eyes to nonliving things? I can't respect these Big 10 "eye" teams.