Oregon Ducks Pink Helmets Completely Miss the Point

By Kris Hughes

It’s become rather trendy in the recent past for teams to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research by pinkwashing everything in sight. Pink socks. Pink wristbands. Pink cleats. Pink shoes. Of course, to no one’s surprise, the Oregon Ducks have plans to take things to the next level in Saturday evening’s game against the Washington State Cougars.

As pictured below, the Ducks will be wearing pink chrome helmets, pink shoes and pink socks:

Oregon Ducks Pink Helmets
Oregon Ducks Pink Socks and Cleats
Image Courtesy – Oregon Ducks Facebook Page

While the basic gesture is understandable, showing support for women struggling with breast cancer, spending the amount of money that Nike spent on Oregon’s behalf and Oregon’s decision to pinkwash their uniforms for Week 8 are both misguided.

Why did Nike and Oregon see fit to spend money on creating all of this pink gear when the same money could have so much better been used if donated directly to causes and organizations that are making a demonstrative change in how breast cancer is approached, treated, and hopefully some day cured?

While Oregon reportedly is donating some money to certain charities based on the auction of the helmets, it’s a minor part of the big picture. Anymore the pinkwashing trend across sports, not just at Oregon, is starting to come off more like fashion statement and much less like a social statement. As per usual for the Ducks, flashing some pink during Saturday’s contest will be more about the swag factor than doing anything demonstrative to help the actual cause they purport to care so much about.

If teams are going to continue to wear pink — especially to the ridiculous level of these Oregon uniforms this weekend — they should also put some money where the swag is and support breast cancer research and associated causes directly. Otherwise, their statement falls flat and becomes more about fashion than action.

Swag over substance.

Kris Hughes is a Senior Writer and Business Analyst for Rant Sports.

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