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5 Reasons Why Florida State Deserves No. 2 In BCS Rankings

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Florida State Deserves No. 2 Ranking

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When the BCS college football rankings were announced on Saturday, looks on the faces of college football fans read surprise following the announcement of Florida State University at the No. 2 spot. But Why?

Florida State is like a Phoenix that has risen from the metaphorical ashes to make a real name for themselves this season. I remember watching the team last year and thinking that they were good, but this year they are on fire.

So why are people getting their feathers all ruffled for a team that has worked hard to achieve their ranking? My guess is Oregon, or even Alabama.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Oregon as much as the next College Football fan. I guess there is just something cool about a team that gets new uniforms every week from Nike.

My feelings about Alabama, you ask? Not as cheerful. I, in no way, think it's fair for Alabama to be ranked No. 1 just because they are defending champions. Every year should start fresh. Sure, let's compare them to last year and say they suffered here or improved there, but let one season speak for itself, that’s all I’m saying!

But, all rants aside, I wanted to take a look at the hard and fast reasons why I really think that the Seminoles deserve this ranking. A simple explanation of just letting the team have their time to shine or a chance to put Alabama in their place was not enough.

So, I have put together five reasons why I think Florida State deserves the No. 2 ranking and could go on to purse the No. 1 ranking. While only time will tell what fate has in store for the Seminoles, I enjoyed writing this article and cannot wait to see how the season turns out for them!

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5. Florida States' Strength of Schedule

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Florida’s strength of schedule far surpasses that of Oregon and even Alabama. FSU has played only one team with a losing record, while for instance, Oregon has played two teams with losing records. How about the Crimson Tide, you may ask? They have played four teams with losing records.

The Seminoles have played the toughest schedule, no argument. That’s why the computer component of the BCS standings has them ranked No 1.

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4. Jameis Winston

Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

To me, Jameis Winston is talented because he has the ability to change how he plays as the game and opponent changes. Week in and week out he has shown that he can speed up or slow down his plays.

There is no denying the other two QBs are great. Marcus Mariota is fast, but his passing game is limited to short plays. The versatility that Winston possesses is what gives him the edge. Furthermore, he proved himself when the Noles took on the Clemson Tigers.

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3. Florida State Destroyed Clemson

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When the time came for FSU to take on the Clemson Tigers, I was nervous for the Seminoles. Here we had Clemson ranked No. 3, and Florida State was attempting to take them on in Death Valley where they had not won since 2001. Clemson’s crowd was boisterous and intense, and I thought the Tigers were going to give FSU a run for their money.

But man oh man, was I pleasantly surprised. What a game that was! Florida State looked like a well oiled and precise machine. The Noles put up one of the most impressive wins this season of 51-14 over the Tigers, which is, incidentally, the most points ever to be scored in Death Valley.

What's more? Clemson still remains a top-10 team. They're learly not just a bump in the road on FSU’s path to greatness and glory, but an actual, worthy opponent.

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2. Florida State had the Best Margin of Victory

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Over any of the three teams described here, Florida has beaten their opponents with a larger margin of victory. While the margin may be relativity slim with Oregon (FSU averaging 40.9 points while the Ducks average 40.3 points), the average point margin over Alabama’s average of winning by 31 points really stops and makes you think.

Florida's strength of schedule over these two teams is also something to consider in this respect. It further makes me subscribe to the point that, just because Alabama may be the defending champions does not mean they should get to be No.1, because for all intents and purposes, they are not.

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1. The Seminoles are a Better Overall Team

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When taking all three teams into consideration, Florida State is the only one that ranks in the top six in the nation in total offense and total defense. Furthermore, FSU is the only team of the three to rank in the top three for scoring offense and defense.

Florida State is just a better overall team. Oregon has a great offense, but suffers defensively. Alabama has an intense defense but lacks, in my opinion, the unity that I perceive in Florida State.