Nick Saban Would Be Insane to Leave University of Alabama

By Harrison Turkheimer

With reports that are coming out about the new Athletic Director of University of Texas (Arizona State University’s Steve Patterson), so has the talk of replacing current Longhorns head football coach Mack Brown.

At this current time, Brown is under contract with UT until 2020, but with a new regime coming in, the opportunity for change could be the here and now and not 2021. With less than stellar performances in the last few seasons, plenty have reported about on whether Brown has lost his touch in coaching. So, the rumor mill starts to swirl and the name that everyone wants to throw out to take the job is none other than University of Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Now, there are plenty of ways to look at this. Would Saban leave? According to reports, his agent has said that Texas is the only place he would leave Alabama for (WAIT, WHAT?). Yes, reports came out that Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, stated that Texas would be the only place that Saban would leave Alabama for.

Here’s where I draw the line in the sand! I truly cant believe that Saban would ever leave Tuscaloosa. As my readers know, I am a huge Alabama supporter and believe it is one of the best college towns in the country. Granted, Saban lied to the media when leaving the Miami Dolphins to go to Alabama, but we are in different circumstances here.

Saban has won three of the last four BCS National Titles and has an opportunity to three-peat, something no college coach in the modern era has done. In Tuscaloosa, there is a statue of him outside their football stadium, a legit 10-foot statue. In the eyes of the townies and collegiate population, he is a god among men.

Now, could this all be a stunt ? Sure. Could Saban want more money ? Sure. (Though, I don’t see why, as the head coach of a college football team making over $5 million dollars plus incentives.) There is a lost part of sports that Saban has so easily grabbed onto…Family. His daughter is at the University. His wife is integrated throughout the community and he has said that it feels like home. Sure, he was upset fans left early a couple week back, and now with these reports swirling, it’s safe to hope that it all could be a stunt.

Needles to say, with a sense of family and absolutely destroying the best conference in college football year in and year out, why would he ever leave? Stay and become one of the best college coaches of all time; be that idol in a town that deserves it and eventually ride off into the sunset.

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