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Power Ranking the Top Offenses in College Football Heading into Week 12

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Power Ranking the Top Offenses in College Football Heading into Week 12

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The world of college football is becoming more and more pass happy. Quarterbacks are seemingly told to throw at will and the excellent ones respond by tossing four touchdowns in a game. The ground-and-pound attack that was once dominant in college football has virtually disappeared. Former running backs who would truck over defenders are probably not too ecstatic about this transition.

After Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III revolutionized the quarterback position, teams began taking note. Coaches began recruiting quarterbacks who could not only throw the ball over 60 yards, but who could also run quickly out of the pocket. That change lead to more teams using the spread offense and read option schemes.

The most successful offenses today utilize mobile quarterbacks because of the blazing speed of opposing defenses. The age of the pocket passer is in decline. There seem to be no more quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Drew Brees left in college football.

A new age of college football is upon us. Whether or not we have come to terms with the spread offense is beside the point. What matters is that offenses are evolving and are racking up loads of points and yards per game.

It is a rarity when the score of a college football game is 9-6 (well maybe except for when Alabama and LSU meet every year in a grudge match.)

There are five college football offenses going into Week 12 that have shown they have what it takes to successfully compete at the collegiate level. These teams are winning games by the bundle and defenses are having a hard time preventing them from scoring.

Let’s take a look at which five teams have unstoppable offenses heading into Week 12.

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5. Florida State Seminoles

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Jameis Winston is making headlines, and for the right reasons. The redshirt freshman quarterback has led the Florida State Seminoles to a 9-0 record this season and the Seminoles' offense doesn't look like it will slow down anytime soon. He is averaging 324.7 passing yards per game.

Florida State ranks second in the nation in scoring offense with 52.0 points per game. They have absolutely ravaged every opponent so far this season and they should be able to easily win against the Syracuse Orange this weekend.

The Seminoles also rank ninth in the nation in total offense with 521.0 yards per game. Winston has certainly made a name for himself by being second in nation in passing efficiency (192.2).

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4. Fresno State Bulldogs

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The Fresno State Bulldogs have been on the rise ever since last year when they finished 9-4. After being throttled in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl last year, the Bulldogs have gotten a lot better.

One of the primary reasons why Fresno State has become a prominent football team is because of their redshirt senior quarterback, Derek Carr. Carr is second in the nation with 3,421 passing yards. His 32 passing touchdowns lead the nation.

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3. Texas A&M Aggies

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There's no question that the Texas A&M Aggies are loaded with offensive talent. Mike Evans and Johnny Manziel headline an offense that ranks fourth in the nation in scoring offense, averaging 49.2 points per game. The Aggies have pushed defenses to the side, as they rank first in nation in first downs with 291.

The scary thing is this team is young. They still have room to grow. Evans is only a sophomore. No, that's not a typo.

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2. Oregon Ducks

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Even though Chip Kelly has left the Oregon Ducks for the professional birds, Oregon hasn't missed a beat. The Ducks make an example out of most defenses by employing their spread attack. The statistics don't lie, as the Ducks rank third in the nation in scoring offense with 51.7 points per game. More amazingly, the Ducks lead the nation with 6.67 yards per run and also lead the country in rushing touchdowns (38).

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1. Baylor Bears

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No Robert Griffin III? No problem. Head coach Art Briles recruited one of the more talented quarterbacks in the nation after RGIII turned pro. This player's name is Bryce Petty and he started right where RGIII left off at.

Petty leads nation in passing efficiency (210.6), and has helped the Baylor Bears' offense score an average of 61 points per game, which is first in the nation. The Baylor Bears also rank first in the nation in total offense, averaging 686 yards per game.

As if that wasn't enough, Baylor also leads the nation in passing yards per completion (19.68). No one can seem to stop this dynamic offense and that is why they top off the elite college offenses in the country.