Head Coach Ed Orgeron Is The Answer To USC's Problems

By Jesse Oakley
Kelley L. Cox- USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of discussion right now regarding the future of USC‘s football head coaching job. Personally, I don’t know why. Ed Orgeron, the current interim head coach, has single-handily revived a dead USC football team that a month ago, had no passion, no vigor and no life.

The downfall started with scandal, and during this scandal, USC was frantic to find a new head coach, so they grabbed the generic version in none other than Lane Kiffin. Kiffin’s coaching career is, to say the least, not great. With stints in the NFL and NCAA, neither bringing much to any success, it wasn’t the best resume out there, but USC was desperate.

This season started out decent for USC, but the way the players were playing was unbearable. They had no heart in football and they didn’t believe in themselves. It really started last season, with USC losing 21-7 to a Georgia Tech team that was good enough for a bowl game, but should’ve been blown out by USC. So, with the first game at home coming up for the Trojans, how do the fans show their support? By making a 67,770 average attendance through the first three games. It was a sad sight to see.

USC had had enough of Kiffin. They’d had enough of the passionless football and empty stadium. In reportedly the third quarter of a USC loss to Arizona State, 62-41, the Trojan Athletic Department decided to cut the cord. As soon as Kiffin was about to board the bus from LAX, they told him he was done. The Kiffin nightmare was over.

Then came interim head coach Orgeron. The revival began. Getting a win against Arizona was good, but then there was a hard loss to Notre Dame. I’m guessing Orgeron said something like, “If you lose again, you’re off the team,” because USC hasn’t lost since. They’ve won four straight, and with Orgeron at the helm, USC has been 5-1 and undefeated in Pac-12 play. So, what caused this dramatic turnaround?

Passion for football and a wanting of heart and vigor — things that Orgeron displays every game to his players. He wants to win, and he wants the players to feel it. Orgeron wants winning to be infused in the hearts, minds and souls of every player on that team. Everyone has been responding well to this new-found, old-time football style that Orgeron brings to the table.

Orgeron had a coaching job before USC. He coached Ole Miss, but went 10-25 overall. However, it seems that Orgeron has found his groove with the Trojans though. The players love him, media loves, the fans love him, heck, I love him. He’s just what USC needs.

After a dramatic, last-second 20- 17 win over Stanford last week and a 4-6 Colorado team coming up, Orgeron should be able to keep USC in their winning ways and get interim removed off his title. Orgeron is the answer to the head coaching problem, and he is truly the savior of USC.

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