Florida Gators' Will Muschamp Too Hotheaded To Succeed As Head Coach

By Bryan Zarpentine
Will Muschamp
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Early in his tenure as head coach of the Florida Gators, you could see it in Will Muschamp: intensity, passion and eyes that could burn a hole right through you. But is it possible that he’s too intense for his own good, to the point that it has been a contributing factor to the Gator’s struggles during his three years in Gainesville? Could is be a reason why he’s on the verge of losing his job?

It’s been apparent for three years that Muschamp often has trouble controlling his emotions on the sidelines when things aren’t going his way. He doesn’t hesitate to unleash his frustration, whether it’s directed at his players, the officials, or at no one in particular. He’s been a hothead with a short fuse during his time at Florida, and it may be something that has kept him from becoming a successful head coach.

How does Muschamp expect his players to be under control on the field if he can’t keep himself under control on the sidelines? Florida doesn’t exactly have a squeaky-clean reputation for the behavior of their players off the field, nor are they known for avoiding hurtful and preventable penalties on the field that can come back to haunt a team in a close game.

Those aren’t trends that are likely to change with a coach who’s a hothead when he’s supposed to be leading the team and setting an example for them to follow.

Obviously, it’s common for coaches to get upset and yell at their players when they make mistakes, but few coaches in college football can be seen doing so as often as Muschamp. He is certainly under a lot of pressure to win at Florida, but that’s not an excuse for losing his temper as often as he does.

Perhaps it’s worth pondering whether Florida’s players have come to fear Muschamp’s wrath and intensity so much so that they play too tight and end up making mistakes. It might help explain why the Gators have lost six straight games, including a monumental upset at the hands of Georgia Southern which has put Muschamp squarely on the hot seat.

Muschamp may not be able to do anything to change his level of intensity on the sidelines, because that’s who he is. But, his intensity and passion may have done him more harm than good during his tenure at Florida, and it may be why he’s not suited to be a head coach.

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