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After Loss To Auburn, How Can Alabama Get Back in Title Picture?

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How Can Alabama Get Back in?

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The Alabama Crimson Tide has won back-to-back titles and three out of the last four. In their last two title runs, they were a one-loss team that needed help at the end of the season to get in the BCS Title picture. They lost to Texas A&M on November 10 of last year, and there were still three unbeaten teams ahead of them in the standings.

Notre Dame, who finished the regular season undefeated, faced Alabama in the BCS title game. The Oregon Ducks were ranked second in the BCS standings after Alabama lost, but they were beaten by Stanford on November 17 to give them their first loss of the season. Kansas State was ranked third in the BCS Standings, but they too lost on November 17 to the  Baylor Bears in a blowout. 

Those two losses and win over Georgia in the SEC Championship game propelled Alabama to number 2 in the BCS and a date with Notre Dame. They ended up blowing Notre Dame out to win their second consecutive Championship.

In 2011, they lost to LSU in the regular season which caused them to miss out on the SEC Championship Game. They were ranked third for a majority of the season after the loss, even ahead of undefeated teams in major Conferences. Only LSU and Oklahoma State were ranked ahead of Alabama going into the final weeks of the season. Alabama needed one of two things to happen, either LSU lose in the SEC Title game or Oklahoma State lose one of their final two games.

Oklahoma State ended up losing to Iowa State in their second to last game, which left LSU and Alabama ranked 1-2 in the standings. This set up the first ever inter conference BCS Championship game which Alabama won and avenged their only loss of the season.

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5. Baylor Loses to Texas

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While it is unlikely that Baylor would be ranked ahead of Alabama anyways, they are the only one-loss team from a Major Conference other than Alabama to not be playing in a Conference Championship game. Since Baylor got blown out and Alabama lost by only six, this is not necessary but would make it a safer bet that Alabama gets in.

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4. Oklahoma State Loses to Oklahoma

Oklahoma State
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A win in the Big 12 Championship Game would likely have Oklahoma State ranked ahead of Alabama. A loss to Oklahoma would make them a two-loss team and fall out any BCS bowl game.

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3. Auburn Loses to Missouri

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If Auburn wins the SEC Championship Game, they will be ranked ahead of Alabama no matter what. If Missouri wins, Auburn will drop below Alabama and voters may have the Crimson Tide ranked ahead of Missouri based on strength of schedule.

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2. Ohio State Loses to Michigan State

Ohio State
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Ohio State seems to be this years Notre Dame. They have won three games that they could have lost and probably should have lost. They are not the second best team in the country and have the benefit of playing in the Big 10. A one-loss Big 10 team would not get in ahead of Alabama, so a loss to Michigan State would eliminate both the Buckeyes and Spartans from the title picture.

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1. Florida State Loses to Duke

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Florida State has been the most dominant team in college football this season. They have only played one game that was not a blowout and have been impressive on both sides of the ball. They also have the benefit of playing in a terrible conference and would likely fall behind Alabama if they lose to Duke. This is the least likely scenario and chances are if Alabama gets in, it would be because the other teams on this list lost and they would play against FSU.