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10 College Football Games You Must Watch In Week 15

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10 College Football Games You Must Watch In Week 15

10 College Football Games You Must Watch In Week 15
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I bet you thought there was nothing left to look for after the wild, insane Saturday we saw last week. There can’t possibly be anything left after the seeing Michigan go for the two-point conversion against Ohio State or Auburn return that missed Alabama field goal 109 yards for the upset, right?

Wrong! So very, very wrong!

This is conference championship week, boys and girls. Not only do we get to see the culmination of all of these conference battles from the last several weeks, but three games have national championship implications. The wrong team loses and they don’t get to play for the crystal football. Think of the drama that would follow! Could either Auburn or Missouri, the eventual SEC champion, jump Ohio State despite having a loss on their resume? Can Duke continue their underdog story and pull off the unthinkable against the mighty Florida State? There is so much to watch this week and so many questions to be answered.

There are also several BCS bids to figure out. Will Arizona State break out in the Pac 12 or will Stanford continue its run? Will Oklahoma State represent the Big 12 or will it be the winner of Baylor/Texas? And what about Northern Illinois? Can they crash the BCS party and get a shot to topple one of the big kids on one of the biggest stages in college football?

So let’s get right into it: Here are 10 college football games you have to watch in week 15.

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10. Stanford vs. Arizona State

Stanford vs Arizona State
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This one is a rematch from earlier in the season that saw Stanford win 42-28. ASU has the high-flying passing attack while Stanford just lines up and punches you in the mouth in the trenches. It should be interesting to see if the Sun Devils have adjusted since the first meeting and how they’ll crack that tough Cardinal defense.

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9. UCF vs. SMU

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At first glance this doesn’t look like much, right? Well UCF was a field goal loss to No. 12 South Carolina from being unbeaten. They can air it out with Blake Bortles and they are more than potent giving it to back Storm Johnson. SMU is 5-6 thanks to a flailing defense, but they can air it out (7th in the nation). Look to the skies in this one.

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8. USF vs. Rutgers

USF vs Rutgers
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Okay, I admittedly have this one on the list because it amuses me to see two bad teams beat up on one another. And these two are BAD. Neither team ranks inside the top 50 in any category. USF has actually been playing decent defense of late but can’t score. Rutgers can’t play defense at all, ever. Who knows how this one shakes out?

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7. Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State
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Both teams come in playing stingy defense of late, though they can both score with the best of them. Oklahoma’s rushing attack is worth keeping an eye on in this one. OSU needs this game to win the Big 12 championship and secure a BCS bid. Plus, there’s all that in-state rivalry goodness to amp this one up. It's a must-watch.

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6. Texas vs. Baylor

Texas vs Baylor
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After a rough start, Texas is back and Baylor is in the top ten in a clash of old school powerhouse vs. on the rise offensive juggernaut. Both teams can score and lately neither seems privy to playing much defense. Expect fireworks in a game that could decide the Big 12 championship (if Oklahoma State loses).

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5. Bowling Green vs. Northern Illinois

Bowling Green vs Northern Illinois
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On the surface this doesn’t seem big, but it has BCS implications on the line. NIU is unbeaten, ranked No. 14 in the country and needs a win to stay in the top 14 in the BCS. Win and they crash the BCS party. Bowling Green plays some stingy defense (5th scoring defense in the country), so it will be worth watching to see how they handle NIU and their vaunted rushing attack led by Jordan Lynch.

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4. Duke vs. Florida State

Duke vs Florida State
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On paper, this seems like a less interesting matchup than you think. Florida State is No. 1, the juggernaut headed for its destiny in the national championship game. Duke is the surprising underdog, just happy to be here. Can the Blue Devils channel that underdog spirit to topple Goliath?

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3. Louisville vs. Cincinnati

Louisville vs Cincinnati
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This one will be worth watching if only for Teddy Bridgewater’s conference swansong. The vaunted quarterback is likely to go in the top five of the NFL Draft in April so college fans will have to tune into this one if they hope to catch one of the final glimpses at one of the best quarterbacks in college football.

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2. Missouri vs. Auburn

Missouri vs Auburn
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After last week’s cardiac ending against Alabama, it almost feels unfair that Auburn now has to face off against another top-ranked team for the SEC crown. The stakes are very high here: the winner will not only be SEC champion and secure a BCS bid, but should Florida State or Ohio State fall, it could open the door for the SEC to claim a spot in the national championship game. This is arguably the biggest game of the day.

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1. Ohio State vs. Michigan State

Ohio State vs Michigan State
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There are national championship implications in this one. It Ohio State wins they get to play for the big prize. If Michigan State wins they get a trip to the 100th Rose Bowl. Both teams will be looking to prove themselves as questions have followed all year long about the quality of the Big Ten. More than anything, this is a chance for Ohio State to show that it belongs.