South Carolina Gamecocks Need To Figure Out Their Quarterback Situation

By Geoffrey Knox

There’s a saying that goes teams with two quarterbacks don’t really have one, so imagine a South Carolina Gamecocks team that currently has a five-man rotation. After a week of spring practice, we have learned that the starting spot is still wide open, but so far, it appears to be Connor Mitch and Perry Orth on top of the depth chart.

Orth took the majority of the snaps and also threw a touchdown on his first pass. Unfortunately, that touchdown was actually an interception by the defense that was taken back the other way. Mitch, a pro-style quarterback from Raleigh, North Carolina, followed Orth’s efforts by stepping in and throwing two interceptions. There are two ways to look at this. You could argue that the signal-callers need to take care of the ball, or you could rejoice in the fact that a defense which was exploited way too often last season has gotten off to an impressive start this year.

But no one wants to see an offense struggle. The SEC has been predicated on defense, but it hasn’t exactly been a factory for quarterbacks who excel and dominate the professional level. If there was a team that could figure out how to do this consistently, exhibit some form of pro-style system and continuously recruit elite quarterbacks, that team could enjoy long-term dominance in the conference. In a wide open eastern division where nobody has really separated themselves, that could really be beneficial.

Brandon McIlwain is a freshman phenom who many would like to see earn the top spot on the depth chart. Lorenzo Nunez looked good when asked to play last year before suffering an injury that would halt his season. The Gamecocks are in good shape at the position and have a long way to go before needing to figure this out, but it will be a while before we know who the starter will be when the games actually count.

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