Indiana Football’s Bill of Rights an Overwhelming Victory

indiana hoosiers football

As a war between the NCAA and student athletes wages on, Indiana University is taking huge step forward and becoming a pioneer in the process by implementing a 10-point student-athlete bill of rights, which is in effect immediately. As a […]

Division IV Talk Only About Making More Money

Mike Slive SEC

Few things generate as much passion around America as college football does. College football stadiums across the country are filled up every Fall Saturday, sometimes with as many as 110,000 fans. Of course, college football is also big business. Like […]

SEC Football: Conference Threatens To Create New Division

mike slive ncaa

The SEC had their annual conference meeting in Destin, Fla., and commissioner Mike Slive let the NCAA know that if they didn’t give the power five conferences some autonomy, the SEC would part ways with Division I and form their […]

BYU Cougars Could Be In Big Trouble Over Improper Benefits


There are few things that raise the ire of the NCAA in college athletics quite like the specter of “improper benefits” paid to players. Nothing gets college athletics’ governing body riled up faster than an allegation of student-athletes getting more […]

NCAA Gets It Right with Boise State Broncos and Antoine Turner

boise state

Far too often, the NCAA makes headlines for itself in the worst possible way. Their archaic rules, hypocritical administrators, and mind-bogglingly dense decision making have usually gotten the governing body onto the wrong side of public perception. So it’s refreshing […]

Unionization Shouldn’t Be The Norm in College Athletics

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

A football locker room is rife with tension. Chairs are being thrown in every direction and angry voices can be heard booming in the nearby hallways. Chaos ensues. This is not an apocalyptic scenario, although the described situation seems like […]

Northwestern Football Players Can Unionize; Time for Collegiate Athletes to Get Paid

Northwestern Football

With the ruling coming down today that the Northwestern Wildcats football team can unionize and be recognized as ‘employees’ of the University, the landscape of college athletics is about to change forever. This decision is for the better for so many different […]

College Football: Early Signing Period For Recruits Would Be A Blessing

Early college football signing period

Littleton, CO native Eric Lee committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Feb 1, 2014. It’ll be over a year until he can put pen to paper making his verbal commitment official. During the recruiting process, the fear of fans (and […]

Bret Bielema and Nick Saban Hiding Behind Cowardly NCAA Bureaucracy

NCAA headquarters

I’d honestly expect the recent rule proposal of neutering offenses until the play clock reads 29 seconds to come from Bret Bielema. Color me shocked to see Nick Saban tacking his name to it like the ultimate opportunist that he […]

USC Trojans: The Lost Hope of Max Wittek


It was announced earlier this week that USC Trojan quarterback Max Wittek will transfer upon his graduation this spring. You remember Wittek, I’m sure — the brash, young quarterback who took over for the injured Matt Barkley last season, guaranteed […]

Could Penn State Nittany Lions Land 5-Star OT Damian Prince?

James Franklin

In his short time with the Penn State Nittany Lions, head coach James Franklin has made a fantastic first impression on the fan base, alumni — and most importantly — the recruits. When Franklin took over the helm at Penn […]

Jadeveon Clowney: Is DE Prepping for NFL Draft or NASCAR Sprint Series?


Though a foot injury may have slowed South Carolina’s star defensive end on the field throughout the 2013 season, it certainly hasn’t prevented Jadeveon Clowney from pressing his car’s accelerator with adequate force. Though many have characterized his play this […]