Chicago Bears Defeat the Green Bay Packers!!!

By Joshua Casey
For the Chicago Bears winning tonight, here is my entry on a Packers’ Blog…How sweet it is!!!
I want to thank the fine folks at for being good sports. Before the game, John Rehor and I made a bet that the winning team would get to write a guest blog entry on the losers’ site. Well, here I am. Before I begin, HECK YES…THE CHICAGO BEARS ARE IN FIRST PLACE AND THE LAST UNDEFEATED TEAM IN THE NFC!
All week, I would tell anyone that would listen about the greatness of Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. Several Packers fans told me I was insane when I said that they are the best linebackers in football, but they proved me right with the key strip on James Jones giving the Chicago Bears back the football and allowing the Chicago Bears to close out the game. Well my cheesy friends, where was your hero Clay Matthews today? He was shut down by the mediocre Chicago Bears offensive line. Oh by the way, how many holds were not called on the Packers? Julius Peppers was wearing Packers all night.
Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. You want to hear this, I think he has the ability to be better than Brett Favre. He really is something to watch. However, not quite good enough tonight.
So now that the Chicago Bears won, will Packer nation start giving the Chicago Bears the respect they’ve earned?
What’s this??? another penalty on the Packers…
So what will this mean moving forward? I think the Chicago Bears exploited some weaknesses on the Green Bay Packers including holes on the offensive line, the secondary and special teams. As Devin Hester ran that ball into the end zone, you learned about the big-play capabilities of this team.
Another chapter is written in the greatest rivalry in sports…this time, it belongs to Chicago.

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