NFL Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders Donate Over $50,000 to Schools

The Oakland Raiders, in a great gesture, have donated $54,000 to Oakland schools. It was 10% of the season ticket sales for the raiders from May 1 to June 30. I applaud the Raiders doing this. It’s a great way to give fans incentive to buy season tickets and help the community all at the same time.

Oakland schools had a debt of about $82 million back in 2003 and California took them over. 538 teachers were laid off, 13 social workers and every adult education teacher were laid off. I think its a great PR move for the raiders. Anytime you can sell tickets and help the community at the same time, its a win-win.

I can see some other teams doing a similar thing in the future. Especially if a team moves to LA, it could be a great welcome to the city kind of move. If there’s a team that’s rumored to be moving to LA and doesn’t, this could be another move for them to do to help them in the community.

The Raiders haven’t been good in recent years with last year probably the best in a while and I think this was a great way to inject life in their fan base and help the schools all at the same time.