Chicago Bears Players Who Need to Step Up

By silverfox

I don’t think I am the only one out there right now who thinks the start to the 2012 Chicago Bears season has been just a tad lackluster. And when I say that, I am focusing entirely on the offense because, lets face it, the defense has been lookin’ pretty sexy. Tim Jennings. Shea McClellin. Henry Melton. Don’t mind if I do.

However, the Bears cannot ride the defense throughout the season. In order to really compete and become legitimate Super Bowl contenders, the offense is going to have to find its way much sooner rather than later. I’ve talked with a lot of people and, while they don’t quite share my sentiments, this team is dangerously close to pulling it all together. A little more inspired play by a few key culprits could really be the spark that this team needs.

Culprit #1 – J’Marcus Webb – This guy. I really don’t know what else to say about Webb that hasn’t already been said. Webb has been described as a big ball of talent but I think we all know exactly what kind of big ball Webb really is. There is ZERO chance Webb is on the team next year as General Manager Phil Emery is too smart to leave such a glaring weakness alone over the off-season.

But until then, Webb needs to get his act together. He needed to get his act together yesterday actually. Pretty sure a large sofa would be an adequate replacement should Webb ever get hurt. It would be nice if he extended those arms once in a while and got physical with someone. Webb will have a major test with Demarcus Ware on Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys. If he can’t step up his game on the national stage, I don’t see much hope for the line going forward.

Culprit #2 – Jay Cutler – Granted, some of Cutler’s play is dependent on his offensive line, but let’s face it: this guy just has not been bringing his A game. He looks un-inspired and apathetic when he is on the field. Triple coverage? Should probably fire one across the middle to that guy. Come on, Jay. Better decision making.

Cutler seems a little too concerned about making Brandon Marshall have a career year then converting third downs. An easy way to fix this would be to shorten pass routes and make check downs easier. It is obvious teams are doubling up on Marshall so, logically, that means one receiver (Earl Bennett anyone?) is out there with one on one coverage. Be smart and make your reads, Cutler.

Culprit #3 – Brandon Marshall – I have seen some great flashes out of Marshall but, in reality, he just isn’t turning out to be the receiver everyone thought he was going to be. When he was signed, I would go to bed dreaming of 60 yard Marshall touchdowns but now I’m just hoping he can get through a game without dropping a half dozen passes.

It’s tough goings for Marshall as he is typically dealing with double coverage but, in the past, he has shown that he is able to overcome such a hurdle. It doesn’t help that Cutler is tossing smoke behind him 50% of the time, but Marshall is getting some recognition for just straight up dropping passes. Marshall puts his game face on and this offense will really start to click.

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