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Green Bay Packers’ Offensive Line Needs To Shape Up


The Green Bay Packers are 1-2 this season and could find it particularly hard to win another game unless the offensive line shapes up. There is no question if the five blockers could have given even a decent amount of protection, the Packers would have steamrolled the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.

The offensive line has already surrendered a whopping 16 sacks in three games this season. At this pace, quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be on his back 85 times by the end of the year. Not to mention, they have allowed him to get hit 22 times. These statistics are embarrassing and need to be dealt with if one of the league’s top offenses wants to take flight.

Fans and football personnel are wondering why Green Bay is only averaging 19.0 points per game. After watching Monday night’s fiasco in which Rodgers was sacked eight times, it is no wonder. Every time the reigning MVP drops back to survey the field he is either getting hit or under pressure.

The Packers are a downfield passing team and unless Rodgers is given a decent amount of time to make a play, the team is going nowhere fast. ESPN’s Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden kept saying during Monday night’s game how Seattle’s coverage was the reason for the pressure. After watching film of the game I can firmly say that is simply not true.

Green Bay’s wide receivers were open on several plays but the offensive line never gave Rodgers enough time to do something with the ball. Not to mention, even when he did have a little time he held on to it too long.

No one can really blame him for that considering how rattled he was for getting dropped eight times in the first half. Even Gruden admitted he could not believe how well Rodgers was playing in the second half after getting knocked down so many times. At the very least, the fans got to see firsthand of how much of a warrior Rodgers really is.

Pass protection was supposed to be the strength of Green Bay’s offensive line but apparently, that is no longer the case. The front five have never shown an ability to run block as the Packers have ranked in the lower part of the league in run offense for years. However, Rodgers could always count on them for protecting him in the pocket, for the most part.

The biggest disappointment has to be right tackle Bryan Bulaga, who got absolutely blown up by Chris Clemons on Monday night. In fact, the entire right side has not been very good in their protection so far this season.

The good news is this is a veteran group of guys who have all lined up for a Super Bowl winning team, with the exception of left tackle Marshall Newhouse. That means they know what it takes to win the big games and they definitely know how to fix the protection problems. Now, they just have to apply that knowledge this weekend against the New Orleans Saints and all should be well.

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