Two Tennessee Titans fined for hits in week 3 against Detroit Lions

By Stephanie Umek
Stephen Tulloch and Craig Stevens

As if their week three victory wasn’t hard enough to get with an overtime win with replacement referees, two Tennessee Titans players got hit with fines for hits against the Detroit Lions.

Over the past week the NFL has fined defensive end Scott Solomon $15,750. This was due to a low hit on Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Solomon mentioned the other day that he is “going to try and correct that so it doesn’t happen next time.”


Titans guard Leroy Harris was also fined; $10,000 for unnecessary roughness on a late hit.


Regarding the replacement referees, there were many calls that the refs missed in the first three weeks of the regular season. And as many coaches stated, the refs were not prepared to catch everything.

For example, linebacker Akeem Ayers was not fined for a similar late hit on Shaun Hill later in the game. Instead it was a roughing the passer penalty that eventually wiped an interception and when the Lions started to take speed.

When asked about the hit all Ayers could say was,  “I thought I got to (Hill) as soon as his arm went back. I guess it was when I threw him down afterward. But when you are in a game and getting hit all around, you are more reacting. That is a tough situation.”

On the other side of the line of scrimmage, the Lions had some problems too. Linebacker Stephen Tulloch, a former Titan, was fined $21,000 for his helmet-to-helmet hit on tight end Craig Stevens in overtime.

Fortunately now though the real officials are back in the game and despite a very close game last Thursday between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns, the officiating was not the problem. It’s good to have them back and it should be a great day for football.

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